Neonatal Database usage guidelines

How to use to enter new baby

  1. Login through demo hospital ( IF YOU HAVE TEMP PASSWORD).
  2. Go to create/search new baby
  3. Enter MRN, Surname , first name and time of birth
  4. Click on create new baby
  5. Enter admission details - save
  6. Then go to birth tab and press save.

Important Note :

The database checks the server date for any verification. If you start entering data on baby as soon as born and you are ahead of server time then there will be error. "You cannot enter admission, birth etc in future". To avoid confusion just start entering new baby 24 hours after birth.

Find server date by clicking on N : ( D-, Y, N, B, D+)

Date shortcuts

  • D- : Will decrease datetime by 1 day.
  •  : Will set datetime to yesterday.
  •  : Will set datetime to current date(server date).
  •  : Will set datetime to baby's date of birth.
  • D+ : Will increase datetime by 1 day.

The following “Now” will reflect Client or Your date. Use this "Now" only if your datetime is same as server datetime

Do not enter medically irrational values. e.g. Baby weight greater than 10 Kg, Curosurf given continuously for 10 days. If you enter such data, error will come and even if error doesn't come on the same page it will come while saving data in some other page.

The database logic was authored by a neonatologist and checks have been put in place to avoid entry of dirty data.